Monday, 7 February 2011

Debbie Nunn - Live at Country Music Meeting 2011 in Berlin.

Debbie Nunn gave her first concert in Germany on February 5, 2011 at the Country Music Meeting in Berlin. Debbie performed Dolly Parton's classic and Academy Award nominated song "Nine to Five".

Debbie says
"I had the best time ever in Berlin. I met some wonderful people.
I was interviewed for TV and the full show was filmed for Broadcast in Germany / Austria and Switzerland.
It was just amazing.....
The Berlin audience made me feel so welcome and lots of fans came up to meet me after the show, this was a real special moment for me.
Whilst in Berlin I did some magazine interviews and also performed an acoustic set on Berlin's largest radio station.
What more can I say other than I Love Berlin xxx"

Below is a clip of Debbie's Live performance :
The band are :
Dazza : Drums
Steve : Bass
Tansy : Keyboards
Rob : Pedal Steel / Guitar
Chris : Fiddle / Mandolin / Backing Vocals
Andy : Lead Electric Guitar / Backing Vocals
Kevin : Electric Guitar / Backing Vocals
Spencer : Acoustic Guitar / Backing Vocals
Debbie Nunn : Lead Vocals

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