Saturday, 10 May 2014

New Country Rock Vol 7 : Debbie Nunn

Enjoy the very best hits in modern country rock by Confederate Railroad, Debbie Nunn, Bonnie Tyler, Vince Gill and many more. Featuring the hit single ' Who's Been Sleeping In Our Bed ' by Debbie Nunn.

Released on (5 July 2013)
Track Listing:
1. What You Need From Me - Bonnie Tyler Feat. Vince Gill
2. I Call It Livin' - Michael Scott
3. Who's Been Sleeping In Our Bed - Debbie Nunn
4. When I Left Home - Devon Allman
5. Left My Heart In Memphis - Royal Southern Brotherhood
6. Remain Calm - John Carter Cash
7. Last Of Me - Steve Fister
8. Things I Could Do To You (with My Guitar) - Eric Heatherly
9. Elvis And Andy - Confederate Railroad
10. Write Me A Few Of Your Lines - Delta Moon
11. Walk It Off - Rick Monroe
12. Two Good Wheels - Skinny Molly
13. History - Downtown Mystic
14. Keep It Up - Steff Nevers
15. Words To Say - Soren Carter
16. Fearless - Collin Raye

Modern Country Music : Debbie Nunn

54 tracks, great modern Country compilation spread over 3 discs feat. three genres as they are today 'The New Country Sound', 'Folk & Singer - Songwriter' and 'Back To The Roots'!. Featuring the hit single 'Bubbles' by Debbie Nunn.  (2013/Universal) 

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Released (19 Nov 2013)

Disc 1.
  1. One Of Those Nights - Tim McGraw
  2. Hypnotizing - Hayden Panettiere
  3. Life Is A Highway - Chris Ledoux
  4. Today Is Your Day - Shania Twain
  5. Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain) - Gary Allan
  6. That Song In My Head - Julianne Hough
  7. Kiss Me In The Dark - Randy Rogers Band
  8. Bubbles - Debbie Nunn
  9. Back In Your Arms Again - The Mavericks
  10. Sanctuary - Jamie O'Neal
  11. Georgia Rain - Trisha Yearwood
  12. Boots On - Randy Houser
  13. Keep The Change - Holly Williams
  14. Kick It Like Country - Nashfield
  15. Who I Am
  16. I Hope You Dance - Lee Ann Womack
  17. Why Wait - Rascal Flatts
  18. Goodbyes Made You Mine - JT Hodges

Sunday, 14 April 2013

New Country Rock Vol 4 : Debbie Nunn


Country rock is on the advance! Reason enough to serve this fan group with the meanwhile fourth issue and a lot of new cool contents. Also this Compilation rocks and completely "gets under the skin" - quite simply honestly, down-to-earth and cool. Like rock bluesige element comes as well as at last here not too briefly highlights form Eric Heatherly: - the singer born in Tennessee, Gittarrero and song writer has a title to the TV crack "Grey's Anatomy" contributed or Kevin Chase, in Canada quite more announced Country-Bluesrocker or also John Carter... Cash... the son of Johnny... Cash and featuring the hit single ' Say Something Good ' from Debbie Nunn. 

Released on 13 January 2012

1. Outta Sight, Outta Mind - Kevin Chase
2. She Likes On Top - Eric Heatherly
3. One More - Rick Monroe
4. Quarter Over You - Danni Leigh
5. I Should Know Better - Mark Selby
6. Here To Play The Blues - The Tony NashTrio 
7. Allison Road - Gin Blossoms
8. The Cover O.T.R.Stone - Sammy Kershawn
9. Land Of The Livin' - John Campbelljohn
10. Ray Ray's Juke Joint - Michael Scott
11. Say Something Good - Debbie Nunn
12. Find My Way Home - Miko Marks
13. Cash Loch Ness Monster - John Carter
14. Red Thunderbird - Michael Holloway
15. Cross The Line - Soren Carter
16. Beautiful Mistake - Dean Collins

Thursday, 11 April 2013

New Country Rock Vol 5 : Debbie Nunn

MODERN COUNTERY ROCK are proud to present Volume 5 of this brilliantly compiled series. This time it's even better and more successful than it s forerunners!!! Enjoy listening to hot country songs and cool new songs ! featuring the hit single ' Hey Girlfriend ' by Debbie Nunn.

Released on 22 June 2012
Track Listing :

  1. Delta Moon - Black Coffee
  2. Zona Jones - Could Not Stop Myself From Loving You
  3. Kevin Chase - Tattoo
  4. Michael Holloway - She'Ll Drive You Out Of Your Mind
  5. Jim Pyle - Hope In A Song
  6. Timo Gross - Small Town Blues
  7. Steff Nevers - Baby'S Got Her Boots On
  8. Soren Carter - Stay With Me
  9. Get The Cat - Two Steps Forward
  10. Jackson Mackay - Rock My Girl
  11. Eric Heatherly - Another Day Rolled - Another Day Rocked
  12. Debbie Nunn - Hey Girlfriend
  13. Dr. Will - Good Times Revisited
  14. Downtown Mystic - Hard Enough
  15. Rick Monroe - Midnight Rider
  16. Mark Selby - Dirt

New Country Rock Vol. 6 - Debbie Nunn

Debbie Nunn's hit song Aint Going Out Tonight is on the latest New Country Rock Vol 6
compilation CD. Available now at

Released on 28 January 2013 
Get the CD at

Track Listing : 

  1. Laura Bryna - Same Dog
  2. Debbie Nunn - Ain't Going Out Tonight
  3. Rick Monroe - Crazy Not To
  4. Delta Moon - Applejack
  5. Sören Carter - 1000 Times
  6. Achison, Geoffs - Crazy Horse
  7. Buffalo C. Wayne - A Texan Night Out
  8. Cody McCarver - Red Flag
  9. Hot'N' Nasty - Turn Around
  10. John Campbelljohn - Lockdown
  11. Zona Jones - Never Took My Eyes Off
  12. Twilight Hotel - Viva La Vinyl
  13. Sammy Kershaw - Everybody Wants My Girl
  14. Timo Gross - I Don't Know Why
  15. Jim Pyle - Angels In The Sky
  16. Tim Grimm - China
  17. Eric Heatherly - Curb Appeal
  18. JP Den Tex - Teenage Town Revisited

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Debbie Nunn Awarded NCM Radio Mike Award 2011

Debbie Nunn stepped out of her Honey Bee Recording Studios where the singer/songwriter is recording new songs for her forth coming album.
Debbie took time out of her recording schedule to give a performance at the NCM Awards Festival on 20th Febuary 2011.
Debbie gave a 20 minute performance with her band after receiving a Radio Mike Award from Nashville legend George Hamiliton IV.

Debbie's new album is currently untitled but will be released later this year.
' Im so excited about the new songs that Spencer Jaye and myself have written for this new album ' says debbie , ' we recorded the songs in Nashville and now we are at the stage of producing and mixing the songs at our Honey Bee Recording Studios in the UK '.

Debbie Nunn and The legendary George Hamilton IV

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

NCM Awards Festival 2011

Debbie will be Performing at the NCM Awards Festival 2011 Sunday 20th Febuary at 6:30pm.Vandyke Theatre Leighton Buzzard.