Sunday, 14 April 2013

New Country Rock Vol 4 : Debbie Nunn


Country rock is on the advance! Reason enough to serve this fan group with the meanwhile fourth issue and a lot of new cool contents. Also this Compilation rocks and completely "gets under the skin" - quite simply honestly, down-to-earth and cool. Like rock bluesige element comes as well as at last here not too briefly highlights form Eric Heatherly: - the singer born in Tennessee, Gittarrero and song writer has a title to the TV crack "Grey's Anatomy" contributed or Kevin Chase, in Canada quite more announced Country-Bluesrocker or also John Carter... Cash... the son of Johnny... Cash and featuring the hit single ' Say Something Good ' from Debbie Nunn. 

Released on 13 January 2012

1. Outta Sight, Outta Mind - Kevin Chase
2. She Likes On Top - Eric Heatherly
3. One More - Rick Monroe
4. Quarter Over You - Danni Leigh
5. I Should Know Better - Mark Selby
6. Here To Play The Blues - The Tony NashTrio 
7. Allison Road - Gin Blossoms
8. The Cover O.T.R.Stone - Sammy Kershawn
9. Land Of The Livin' - John Campbelljohn
10. Ray Ray's Juke Joint - Michael Scott
11. Say Something Good - Debbie Nunn
12. Find My Way Home - Miko Marks
13. Cash Loch Ness Monster - John Carter
14. Red Thunderbird - Michael Holloway
15. Cross The Line - Soren Carter
16. Beautiful Mistake - Dean Collins

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