Thursday, 24 February 2011

Debbie Nunn Awarded NCM Radio Mike Award 2011

Debbie Nunn stepped out of her Honey Bee Recording Studios where the singer/songwriter is recording new songs for her forth coming album.
Debbie took time out of her recording schedule to give a performance at the NCM Awards Festival on 20th Febuary 2011.
Debbie gave a 20 minute performance with her band after receiving a Radio Mike Award from Nashville legend George Hamiliton IV.

Debbie's new album is currently untitled but will be released later this year.
' Im so excited about the new songs that Spencer Jaye and myself have written for this new album ' says debbie , ' we recorded the songs in Nashville and now we are at the stage of producing and mixing the songs at our Honey Bee Recording Studios in the UK '.

Debbie Nunn and The legendary George Hamilton IV

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